Thursday, April 4, 2013

"Chick" This Out

When searching Pinterest for ideas for my spring bulletin board, I came across this......

Chick This Out! - craft for a Spring unit.
So, I came up with this......
Now I needed something to go with it.  Of course the obvious was "chicks".
This is what I found.....
Baby chick craft
So we made these.........
These were going to go on the bulletin board until..............
I couldn't think of anything I wanted the kinders to write about.
In the meantime, I visited the blog of a good friend, Erica, from
I was reading what see was planning to do and saw her ideas for doing the chicken life cycle.
Gosh, she is so smart....
so I found this....
chicken life cycle - adorable!!
and we did this.....
We wrote about the chicken life cycle.

And the final project looks like this.... will have to wait till tomorrow.  I forgot to take a picture of everything put together.
Erica, pinterest, and tpt have some great activitie to include with these.  The kinders loved making the life cycle and even the writing was fun to do.
Those cute chicks are now hanging in our room as "spring" decorations till the next fun project.

Friday, March 22, 2013

It's a GIVEAWAY!!!!

Blogging friends, check this out!  My wonderful friend Erica from The Eagle's Nest ( has this great giveaway going on.  You have until Monday midnight to enter.
She has some GREAT stuff to giveaway.  Make sure you enter.....

Friday, October 5, 2012

Here Comes Fall!

.Our reading series this week was on our five senses.  What better way to end a unit on senses and start our fall unit than with pumpkins.  We looked, felt, smelled, and listened to our pumpkins.  We didn't taste them...that will come next week.
They had a blast exploring their pumpkins.  We also came up with some great descriptive words to use later. Plus it was something fun for a half day of school after some testing.



I guess that most of you teachers have been playing Fiddlesticks for years.  I am new to kinderland and just discovered it. (this is my fourth year, feel I have more to learn)
Favorite game so far....Fiddlesticks.  A pinterest find.  Kinders are loving it.  Me too!  I don't have to make a new game, just add new words to the cup.  Cheers always go up when I mention Fiddlesticks.
Don't you love it when they think they are playing?


Pete the Cat!

Here it is October and I am just now getting some of my beginning of the year stuff posted.

Who doesn't like Pete the Cat?  I would like to thank Fran Kramer over at for introducing Pete the Cat to me.  Fran does a lot of Pete the Cat activities with her kinders.  I love her ideas. 
  We started our year with Pete the Cat.
My Pete the Cat didn't turn out as cute as I had envisioned. I really like his lunch box though!
Look at the Kinders Pete the Cats.....cuter than mine!

Black, Yellow, and Polka Dots!

Here are some more things from the "bee"model.  I went with black, yellow, and polka dots.  I love the look. 
This is our "reading hive".  I would like to finish this off by painting bubble wrap
and pressing it on the walls....a good project for next year.

renamed word wall that I use for sight words

Daily 5 wall....Hey, there are some more of those adorable bees from Scrappin Doodles!
Curtains always add a touch of home.  These have little bees and looped with what else...polka dot ribbon.
Writing center....nicely labeled and organized....a first for me!
I think I like organization.

Baskets for organization....sprayed painted black....with ribbon!  Make it pretty!!
Our honey pot was a cheap find at a dollar store and holds candy.

Calendar wall.  I love those polka dots. 
Not such a neat desk, but I like the lamp and the picture frame with the Things to Do list inside.
A fellow Kinder teacher made those for us...Thanks Melissa..Luv it!  So far it is reminding me of my upcoming
flu shot, OUCH!  My pencil holders are tin cans covered with scrapbook paper and tucked into a box made by my daughter for my other daughter's wedding.  Took it and spray painted it and added ribbon.

Black lamp shade with those Avery labels...adorable!
Remember when I said I could spray paint anything and those Avery labels......
this container was a clear plastic container I had around,  spray painted and polka dotted.
It holds my Common Core Standards that I got from Deanna Jump's Tpt.
Getting those saved me a lot of time....more time to get organized and "bee"model.
Thanks Mrs. Jump!

Catching Up

Decided to spend the entire evening catching up on all that's re-model and Kindergarten....this may take a while!

Project #2 was to re-create those adorable bees from Scrappin Doodles that I love sooo much.  This project was an inspiration from bee bird feeders found on Pinterest.  Salt containers, electrical tape, felt, and of course spray paint!  Wings are made from headbands and window screen.  I have them hanging from the ceiling.  They make me smile!